Brie Grilled Cheese


Let’s be real, everyone loves a grilled cheese. If you know someone that doesn’t love a grilled cheese, then cut them loose. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

Maybe for you American cheese and white bread isn’t cutting it anymore. Sure it’s the classic partner to a bowl of tomato soup, but what about a grilled cheese that was a masterpiece on it’s own? An independent grilled cheese that don’t need no soup.

I’m about to show you how to make that grilled cheese. A savory and sweet sandwich to add to your grilled cheese repertoire. If you’re adventurous with your foods and like things a little different, then give this recipe a try!

First things first, ingredients. Just a disclaimer, I live in Iowa and shop at my neighborhood Hy-Vee. All my fellow Mid-Westerners know what’s up. If you don’t, I’m sad for you, you’re missing out. Anyways, what I’m trying to say is ignore brands and get the ingredients that you can, substitute items if you need to. I’m all about taking recipes and making them your own, so if you don’t like the bread I choose, then grab your favorite! There are no rules!



Prosciutto (sliced)

Brie Cheese

Fig Preserves

A good crusty bread (sliced)


Food Preparation

Get a flat skillet out or your preferred pan for grilled cheese grillin’. Get it warmed up on low-medium heat.

Now for your crusty bread, what is a good crusty bread really? Well I’m not sure, I just know it when I see it. For example, my local grocery store has their own bakery and one of their signature loaves is the Pane Toscana. It’s a soft bread on the inside with a great crunchy crust on the outside. As my father would say, “It’s bread that has MOXIE!” Whatever that means. Basically it works well for grilled sandwiches. I would suggest using bread similar to that, but again, feel free to use what you prefer!

While your pan heats up, get your bread buttered, one side only. That’ll be the side that goes down on the pan. Slice your brie cheese and get your prosciutto unpackaged as well.

Place your bread butter side down on the pan once it’s hot. One of the slices, spread a generous amount of fig preserves. Layer your brie slices on top of the preserves and start stacking prosciutto on the other bread slice.



To help with the melting process I will get a pan/pot lid large enough to dome over the slices. This really helps get the brie all gooey.


Once your brie is gooey, go ahead and combine the slices. Keep flipping your sandwich until it’s to your desired crisp level.


Sling that baby onto a plate and enjoy! Let me know if you like it in the comments!